NCLP Policy for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) affected holiday bookings

As at 1st May 2021


With travel within Australia becoming more popular & the tentative opening of the “Trans-Tasman travel bubble” we are receiving enquiry on what the policy is if a traveller is affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions.  Therefore, please find below the updated policy for holiday bookings affected by COVID-19.


Reservations/bookings made from 1st May 2021 will NOT be automatically eligible for a refund.


  • Guest/s will be encouraged to re-book for future dates (within a 12- month period) in the same rate period.
  • Guest/s wishing to re-book in a higher rate period agree to pay the difference in rate.


If you are unable / unwilling to re-book the request for cancellation must be in writing &, if required, provide proof.

Note – cancellation fee of $150 will apply.


Anticipated / acceptable reasons for cancellation under COVID-19


  1. Border Closure as directed by State/Australian Government
  2. Travel/transport disruption/cancellation
  3. Guest/s have tested positive to COVID-19
  4. Guest/s must quarantine either due to COVID-19 or due to potentially being exposed to COVID-19 (written proof must be provided – ie: doctors letter etc)
  5. Guest is coming from a nominated “hotspot”


Non-acceptable reasons for cancellation under COVID-19


  1. Concern of catching COVID-19 due to hearing of a case in the Northern Rivers Area – unless declared hotspot
  2. Concern on delays on crossing the border between NSW & QLD
  3. Concern on returning home in case of borders closure


Everyone is now fully aware of COVID-19 & what can happen with lockdowns & must accept a form of responsibility when making a booking.  NCLP will work with you to the best of our ability in resolving a matter however, remind you that the booking & intention to travel has been made during a Global Pandemic.