Bogangar - Cabarita Beach

Bogangar Holiday Accommodation

Tucked away in the north eastern corner of New South Wales, Australia, lies Bogangar — a charming town within the Tweed Shire that perfectly embodies the serene and captivating allure of the North Coast. Defined by the pristine Cudgen Lake, the commanding Norries Headland, and the iconic locality of Cabarita Beach on its eastern fringe, Bogangar presents a unique blend of natural beauty and local culture that’s quintessentially Australian.

The names Bogangar and Cabarita Beach are often used interchangeably by the local residents, with many choosing the latter, adding an intriguing duality to its identity. The name ‘Bogangar’ itself emanates from the rich linguistic traditions of the Bandjalang-Yugambeh dialect chain, meaning ‘a highland’. This evocative name captures the elevated spirit of the town, resonating with its remarkable landscapes and warm, welcoming community.

Whether it’s the tranquil waters of Cudgen Lake, the panoramic views from Norries Headland, or the sun-drenched sands of Cabarita Beach, Bogangar offers a slice of the North Coast that is as diverse as it is delightful. Its narrative is as deep as the clear lake waters and as expansive as the coastal vistas, inviting you to immerse in an experience that truly elevates the soul. Step into Bogangar, where highlands meet the sea, creating a symphony of natural wonders waiting to be discovered.