Hastings Point

Hastings Point Holiday Accommodation

Unearth the ‘Jewel of the Tweed’ at Hastings Point, an enchanting coastal town nestled in the Tweed Shire of Northern NSW. Renowned for its towering foredunes that once reached up to 16 metres high, this tranquil haven is perfectly poised between Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise. Immerse yourself in the serenity of this sleepy seaside sanctuary, renowned for its unrivalled beaches and the kind of laid-back atmosphere that beckons you to unwind, reconnect, and savour precious moments with your loved ones.

Being the Tweed Shire’s smallest town doesn’t stop Hastings Point from offering grand experiences. Encircled by lush national parks and a captivating estuary, the town is fondly known as the Green Cauldron, a testament to its vibrant and unique natural landscape. Its strategic location opens up a world of adventure, with the sparkling ocean to the east and the picturesque estuary to the west.

Hastings Point is enveloped by the ‘big 4’ – the awe-inspiring ocean, the national park’s verdant reserve, the estuary’s mesmerising beauty, and a vast expanse of native vegetation, making it a dream destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Experience Hastings Point, where life’s simple pleasures become unforgettable memories.